Saturday, December 1, 2007

Showdown at the BRK Corral

So you’ve wanted to know, which is better: The Skyguard Silver Cross or the Crystalforged Trinket. Well don’t think that BRK hasn’t been listening or doesn’t care. We just got back from Dr. Boom and doing a little testing.

We did two tests, one with the Silver Cross equipped and one with the Crystalforged. For both runs, we cleared the area, cleared all our buffs except Aspect of the Hawk, put 100 bullets in our ammo pouch, turned on the CLSaver combatlog, did not use Hunter’s Mark - refreshing it could interfere with out test - and let the Auto Shots flow.

Here’s our setup and stats for the Silver Cross run:

Image: Daniel Howell

And here’s our Crystalforged setup:

Image: Daniel Howell

WoWWebStats does an amazing job as always. For the Silver Cross run, we didn’t do anything but allow Auto Shot and IAotH to proc. The Silver Cross has no “use”; it’s a static trinket.

So here’s the report for the Silver Cross:

Image: Daniel Howell

The Crystalforged trinket does have a “use”, so for this run, we popped the trinket immediatly at the start of the run and then whenever its cooldown was up. In the 100 shot-test, we were able to crank it up three times and that is shown in the Buffs & Debuffs section of the WWS report as Valor.

And the report for the Crystalforged Trinket:

Image: Daniel Howell

Would you like to easily compare the two reports? We can do that by taking screenshots of both and combining them in another screenshot, like this:

Image: Daniel Howell

What can we learn from the analysis?

1. We expected the Silver Cross to give 1% more crit and the testing bears that out.

2. We expected the Crystalforged to give more damage per shot and that also occurs.

3. The extra mitigation during the Crystalforged run decreased the DPS and total damage, but not by so much as to cause a massive concern.

4. Total damage difference is 120, easily within the expected margin of error.

5. The total time was exactly the same, 2 minutes and 58 seconds, for both runs. That’s pretty cool!

6. This test did not take pet damage into account. The extra 1% crit from the Silver Cross would mean one more Kill Command and 50 more Focus, which would be two more Claws.

7. The extra damage-per-shot from the Crystalforged is advertised at +7, but our testing shows it only as +3, (447 with the Silver Cross and 450 with the Crystalforged).

8. Our testing is incomplete. This is a single test of only 100 shots. Multiple tests should be run for more accuracy.

Our recommendations:

If you’re a BM hunter, go for the Silver Cross. The extra crit gives more Kill Commands and more Focus for your pet.

If you’re a SV hunter, you’re an agility/crit hoarder already and are cradling your Silver Cross with both hands.

If you’re a MM hunter, you have a hard choice. Your crit percentage is not any higher than a BM hunter but your damage-per-shot and damage-per-crit is much higher. That extra damage-per-shot and haste from the Crystalforged may outperform the Silver Cross for you, especially if you have a pet specifically designed to hold aggro and tank, not DPS.

We hope you enjoyed this little experiment and maybe even inspired you to try a test of your own.

Disclaimer: This content was originally posted by Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) on It is posted here for historical and archival purposes only.

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