Monday, December 3, 2007

Dear Jan’alai, Go *bleep* Yourself

Zul’Aman. Our raid’s number one goal was to defeat the Bear-boss under 20 minutes. Done, and done. The bear-boss dropped the Bladeangel’s Moneybelt, so Doomilias was a happy camper. Then the freed prisoner dropped the Life-Step Belt, (thanks Fio). You all know we want Trollbane and Tuskbreaker, right? Right. Oh well, maybe next time.

We felt really good about ourselves and decided to just take the next bosses easy and not push it.

Eagle-boss down, first try. Lynx-boss down, first try.

Dragonhawk-boss. Let us tell ya about Dragonhawk-boss. We had him. Three times. We handled the eggs and the spawns beautifully. We were talking about the loot that might drop. He was at 20% and getting demolished.

Without warning, our holy pally got one-shotted. From what, we still don’t know. Tank followed immediately after and it’s wipe-city, population us.

“Why’d you die?”


Or the priest died. Or the tank got one-shotted. Just horrible, terrible, beat-our-wife godawful luck. We loathe this boss. With a hatred that burns with the heat of a-thousand suns. Next time, we’re doing Bear-boss and then we’re going straight for Dragonhawk-boss, and he’s going to get a great big, tall, frosty glass of Shutup Juice.

So sayeth BRK, so let it be done.

Also, WoWWebStats has been updated to include proper parsing for the Zul’Aman bosses. We’ll post our report as soon as we can.

Disclaimer: This content was originally posted by Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) on It is posted here for historical and archival purposes only.