Friday, July 6, 2007

Survivalists Need Love Too

"Hey BRK, I've been thinking about writing this letter for a while, and today, upon reading "Not Gloating; Just Spreading the Gospel", I felt compelled.

"I'm a survival hunter. I LOVE it. I love the huge agility, the multiple crits, the buff I give to my raid and... wait for it... super traps! With two Beastlord I have 26 second traps and a 20 second cooldown. I can CC, theoretically, five mobs at once: pet, trap, trap, trap, sting - maybe even a second sting - though I've never actually done it. Needless to say, I like my spec, I do great damage and have lots of tricks.

"The other day my Kara group needed a replacement DPSer and picked up a BM hunter. He was great. He had a few greens left on for gear, compared to my purples and very nice blues, and managed to be the top of our DPS counters. This, after reading your blog and trying BM for myself, was no surprise. He even used the rank-four stacking poison on his little crabby. I told him, in so many words, that he was a sweet hunter.

"Here's the problem: he was a smug little bastard. Why oh why must people consider the DPS meter to be the end all and be all of so many classes? I am worried that BM is becoming the new MM. Frankly, I LIKE that there are different types of hunters out there and my BM friend should like it too; it could even mean fat loots when I pass a purple to him that has not enough agility for me!

"Anyway, I love your blog but just wanted to make sure that hunters out there were not getting the wrong idea about the importance of DPS. Please, let me love my traps without getting smug tells from all the Beastmasters out there! Thanks, Mike."

BRK does not condone smugness. A gentle air of superiority is a wonderful thing, but we do not want you to abuse people personally. It's about Style, people, and a good hunter will know how to behave himself appropriately.

All hunters should know that a properly geared and trained survivalist hunter is one of the most potent crowd-controlling and hard-to-kill of all the classes, period, and they should respect them. It takes a special person to be willing to sacrifice some DPS and pet-survivability to provide one of the best party-buffs and most useful raiding skills in the game.

It is our opinion that Beastmaster is the highest DPS-spec, but we readily admit and advocate that Beastmaster is not The Best spec. The Best Spec is the one you prefer to play. Just do a good job of it. That's what we ask of you and what you should demand of yourself.

Disclaimer: This content was originally posted by Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) on and/or It is posted here for historical and archival purposes only.

Just A Big List, That's All

We see lots of people starting their blogs and linking to us. However, what we learned at the beginning of our little career is that very few actually keep them going. We totally understand; this isn't something one can do once per week and expect an audience.

But we want to give a quick shout-out to those people jumping into this wow-blogging-silliness. So in no partiuclar order, here's some people who are cracking their knuckles and saying something:

Disclaimer: This content was originally posted by Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) on and/or It is posted here for historical and archival purposes only.

Not Gloating; Just Spreading the Gospel

"Hey BRK, I've been a faithful reader for awhile now. I had switched to Beast Master on the advice of my friend who was using it to level much faster past my Marksmen-self than I was comfortable with. I had been MM before on a PVE server all the way to 60 and loved my trueshot aura, scatter shots, and phat kritz.

"Well, I decided to try BM out and I haven't ever gone back. Since then I came across BRK which really refined my skill at it - I happened across it looking up guides on getting a Talbuk mount. My hunting skills have vastly improved and I'm happy to say others have noticed as well.

"I ran kara tonight with my guild; we're not that far into it but it was a good group. For hunters, there was myself and another who had been many times before, enough to get the crossbow from Attumen as well as a few other epics. Well, I figured he'd be outdoing me based on gear alone, but I noticed he was Marksman. Hmmm... says I, and I look at my pet boar. 'Whadda ya think?", I ask it. 'Can we out-perform a better geared MM?' It looked at me and squealed a hearty, 'Yes'.

"Well, long story short, Attumen gets downed fairly easily. Someone posts up a damage meter (using the excellent Recount, I recommend it over KTM by the way)
[Eds Note: anybody have info on Recount they'd care to send in?] and I notice I'm a bit below the other hunter. I'm crestfallen. Then I look again and notice the pet damage is listed separately down below. Whereas I was a percentage or two below him, my pet had done almost three times the damage of his, (and his was a DPS-pet versus my tank). Joyful, I chortled to myself and fed my boar another sporeling snack for his job well done. I whispered the other hunter, 'You ought to try BM.' 'Yes', he responded, 'I'm going to.' That was a good moment for me and certainly couldn't have happened without the advice I got here.

"One final good moment of the day came after a flawless Shattered Halls run with a warrior, holy paladin, shadow priest and mage, (perhaps my favorite group combo ever?). I ended up off-tanking many of the pulls with my pet [thanks in part to] great healing from the group, and was rewarded with a very fine compliment at the end, 'The tank and I have been talking, and we think you're the best hunter we've ever instanced with. Your pet seems to have a mind of it's own you control it so well.' I also managed to top the damage charts thanks to our guild leader being happy enough to stroke my ego by offering up the meter again.

"This probably seems like a lot of gloating but frankly I'm just happy to be useful. And of course much of it is thanks to you and the amount of research you offer here. For my part, I'll do what I can to spread the word of BRK by example, an apostle of the Church of Beast Mastery. Gracebourne and Beowulf"

Verily! So sayeth BRK, so let it be done. The Power of the 41/20/0 spec cannot be denied. In the hands of a Competent Hunter, it is tremendous.

And D@MN if we don't love hearing about your BM-adventures. Regardless of whether or not you top the damage meter, if you can chain-trap, not break sheep, and have your pet off-tank, you're gonna be loved.

A quick story of our own we shall tack on.

Pugging Shattered Halls, we started out with the warrior saying, "Hey! Your cat is purple, I was expecting him to be red."

"He will be," we foretell.

We get to the 6-mob pulls and the tank starts to fret, "I don't think I can handle all of them."

"You don't have to. The rogue will sap one, I'll trap one and put my pet on the main one. The rogue and I will burn down the pet-tanked mob while you hold the others. Once ours is dead, we'll focus-fire through the rest, saving the trapped mob for last."

"Seriously? Your pet can tank a Legionnaire?"


Needless to say, Bestial Wrath, Intimidation and Improved Pet Mend equals Pet-Tanking FTW. The tank freaked out.

"OMG That's the most insane pet I've ever seen!"

"And he's doing 15% of the group's total DPS," we say with a smile.

Disclaimer: This content was originally posted by Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) on and/or It is posted here for historical and archival purposes only.