Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gankbang Drops By, We Restate Our Concern

So when we expressed our disappointment with WuWJutsu over their methodology, the super-cool fella who runs Gankbang stopped by to drop some knowledge on us. We appreciate the networking lesson very much, thank you kind sir, but there seems to be a little confusion over our complaint.

We totally appreciate the problems with extracting vast quantities of data when the servers that contain that data are heavily taxed. Totally. You have no idea. Remember where we work and what we do?

Our concern is not with the frequency that these cool sites are able to gather armory data and update their data.

Our concern is with the methodology WoWJustu uses, targeting specific servers and guilds much more frequently than others. We disagree with this philosophy vehemently.

It is stated in their FAQs that they do this. Now of course it’s his site, he can do what he wants with it. It’s free to use, we don’t pay a penny to access it, and if we don’t like it, we don’t have to use it, right? Right.

So we won’t. Neither will we advertise it, promote it, nor mention how awesome it is. And it is awesome, of that there is no contention.

If you want to design, build, and publish a WoW-tool, that’s wicked-cool. If you want to tailor it for the few super-high-end raiding guilds, more power to you. But if you don’t discriminate against 95% of the WoW-population, you’ll probably have more happy visitors, don’t you think?

Are we going to check WoWJutsu to see Nihilum’s progression? Nah. We can just go to their site and see for ourselves. What do we suspect the vast majority of the 9 million WoW players want to see?

“Dear WoWJutsu, how is our little #18,984 guild progressing on our server?”

How to do this? Here’s our recommendation:

Don’t update your published data every day. Make a specific day to publish all the data you collect all week. Do it on Tuesdays when the servers are down and nobody can play. Collect data all week, publish your new stats on Tuesday, have forums where people can chat-slam as they pass their dreaded horde/alliance rival guild, and then charge your advertisers more to advertise on Tuesday. Happier visitors, a stable data-publishing schedule, and mo money.

During the rest of the week, publish opinion pieces on how guild progression works. Tell us about the technical side of the website, how the data collection process works, give the coder-geeks something to read, give the rest of us intro lessons on how all this magic comes together.

Everybody understands that nothing of this magnitude, where the data is in a constant state of flux, can be 100% accurate in a non-real-time analysis scenario. Give us the best you can and we’ll be stoked.

Just don’t label us as second-class citizens. We think that’s rude.

Disclaimer: This content was originally posted by Daniel Howell (BigRedKitty) on It is posted here for historical and archival purposes only.

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