Thursday, July 5, 2007

We Want His Gear, We'll Make Do With His Story

"I raided Pre-BC content as Marksman, then with all the patch changes and BC, from 60-70 I was Beastmaster. I ... then switched to a 21/40 Survival spec for Expose Weakness. Finally I've switched to BM again.

"When I started raiding [after hitting 70], I went back to Marksman as that was what I knew when I was raiding before; as the old adage goes, "go with what you know." Well my DPS was very mediocre and I was in the top 10 every now and again. So I went for a change.

"One of the officers in my guild is a fellow hunter who is quite the Survival buff and absolutely loves it, so I thought I would give it a try. I loved it as [my build gave] me quite a bit of versatility and buffs to the raid as a whole with IHM and Expose Weakness. My DPS went up a whole lot but it just didnt feel right to me. The whole attraction for me when I decided to play a hunter ... was the fact you got to run around with a pet you tamed and trained yourself.

"Well I decided to go back to BM as it's great for PVE and PVP. I can say I'm sorry I didn't stick with it from the beginning! My personal DPS probably has never been higher. In raids I usually end up in the melee-DPS stacked group. I end up with two rogues, enhancement shaman and a DPS-warrior or feral druid. Now this sounds like a terrible group for a hunter, but I can assure you the totems from the shaman, LotP from druids and the BS from the warrior plus pally buffs are absolutely heavenly for a BM hunters pet. And if it's good for the pet, it's good for the hunter. Dont forget now the buffs from totems, LotP and pallies are put on the hunter as well and then get scaled to the pet again! Also, I can tell you [they all] love, and I mean love, Ferocious Inspiration.

"Raiding is what I've come to love in this game. Coordination and execution with like-minded people coming together in a blend of steam-rolling death for trash and bosses alike in instances is a beautiful site to behold. Now raiding as a BM hunter is no easy feat. You have to know when to send in your pet and when not to send in your pet. If you send in your pet at the wrong moment you can get him killed and there goes a nice chunk of your DPS and a nice buff for your party.

"Timing is key for a BM hunter. MM and Survival you can just sit back and spam Steady and Arcane. BM hunters need to know when to utilize their pet effectively ... in a raid situation. BM hunters can be risky because if one loses one's pet, [one becomes] less effective than your standard MM or your raid buffing Survival hunter.

"Thanks for letting me run on about my raiding BM experience. Kellindil"

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