Thursday, July 5, 2007

More Linkage

So Doom's rogue blog is going great guns. Kelmar's PvP warrior blog is being updated with gankings daily. "We want more!" we hear you scream, "Gimme, gimme, gimme!". Well, we hear you and d@mn if we aren't gonna come through.

Shadow Priests, you want a place to play footsie with the Diet Coke of Evil? She's open for business at Shadow FTW.

Protection Warriors, don't feel left out. We know there hasn't been a place to hang your shield yet, but Brigin is correcting that situation with The Positive Warrior.

We are trying like crazy to get a guest post from our former MC-Raid Leaderette, but we aren't getting anywhere very quickly with this project.

And in case you missed it, BRK on WoW Insider was published on Wednesday.

Edit: We should note that our friends are not Bloggers like BRK is a Blogger. They are just venturing into this medium for fun and personal enjoyment, i.e. they aren't Nuts-Like-Us.

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